Cool combination – Which Cool Box fits for me

For all those who would like to profit from an effective cooling system, but do not want to rely on permanent power supply: The ultra-passive cooling system will meet your requirements and can be modified and adapted according to your needs. Make the Petromax Cool Box your Cool Box!

What Cool Box type am I?

Kuehlbox kx25-oliv_Cool Box kx25-oliv_Glacière Passive kx25-oliv
The hunter & gatherer
Conspicuously inconspicuous. Nature is your home and you rely on your most original instinct as far as food supply is concerned? For that purpose, you need a cool companion that optimally blends into the surroundings with you – the Cool Box in olive.

Kuehlbox kx50__Cool Box kx50_Glacière Passive kx50
The mountaineer
No, you do not have to take your Cool Box on top of the mountain – but you could. At least the Cool Box in alpine white reminds you of snow-covered mountains. That way during at dawn time you keep a clear view upon things – with your Cool Box in alpine white.

Kuehlbox kx25-sand_Cool Box kx25-sand_Glacière Passive kx25-sand
The terrain explorer
Sand keeps you down-to-earth. You are sufficiently exciting yourself, therefore you like your equipment neutral – the Petromax Cool Box in sand offers you the performance you need without steeling you the show.

Which Cool Box size do I need?

The Cool Boxes are available in two sizes. For it to exactly meet your requirements according to provision quantity you can choose between:

Kuehlbox k25_kx50__Cool Box kx25_kx50_Glacière Passive kx25_kx50

kx25 – The Cool Box for small adventures
25 litres volume
Room for up to 24 x 0.33 L beverage cans or 12 x 1 L bottles
Weight (kg): 10.75
Outer dimensions (W x H x D): 58 x 45 x 40.5 cm
kx50 - The Cool Box for great adventures
50 litres volume
Room for up to 70 x 0.33 L beverage cans or 20 x 1 L bottles
Weight (kg): 14.9
Outer dimensions (W x H x D): 68.5 x 50 x 48.5 cm

Fully furnished – Which accessory for the Cool Box suits me?

The Petromax Cool Box is a full-fledged basic equipment for your camp or short expedition into the outdoors. Sometimes it requires a little more of everything. For that purpose, you can upgrade your Cool Box with functional equipment.

Dry Rack Basket

Delicate provisions are separated from the ice by means of the Dry Rack Basket. With sufficient distance they receive adjusted cooling. Quickly the food is close at hand as the basket is hung into the upper edge of the Cool Box. The Petromax Dry Rack Basket for Cool Box kx25 and kx50 consists of powder-coated steel and defies cold and moisture. Two Dry Rack Baskets can be used at a time.

Einsatzkorb kx25-tray_Dry rack basket kx25-tray_Panier pour Glacière kx25-tray

Locking Plate with bottle opener

Kühlbox kx25-sand_Cool Box kx25-sand_Glacière Passive kx25-sand

For all result-oriented people there is an exchange model of the locking plate with extra function. The Locking Plate serves to safely lock away the content of the Cool Box. The upgraded version provides you with the possibility to easily open beverages, as the accessory is equipped with an integrated bottle opener.

Lock Bracket

You cannot always keep an eye on everything, but still want to make sure that your Cool Box is protected against theft. This is what the Petromax Lock Bracket is for: Just inserted top-down into the handle it cannot be removed again after the box is closed. That way you create the optimal basis to lock your Cool Box to a tree near your camp and thus protect it from being stolen or as a safety backup on the loading platform or on the boat. In case you do not need it to protect your Cool Box once in a while, the Lock Bracket also functions as a bottle opener.

Schlosshalterung kx-lockb_Lock-Bracket kx-lockb_Support de Verrouillage kx-lockb

The ultimate passive cooling system supports your desire for freedom and independence. With the suitable accessories you will find your path. Adjust your Cool Box just as you need it and no adventure will you leave you cold.

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