Great Adventure with a Handful of Equipment – The Tripod Lashing

With the sinking sun your hike is also coming to a close. After the challenging path through the thick underbrush followed the strenuous descent over the narrow hill pass. The journey was worthwhile as you are greeted with the view on a lonely lake and the twilight colours reflected upon the water’s surface. One look at the horizon tells you to set up your camp to prepare yourself a fortifying meal. With a single grasp into your backpack you hold your Tripod Lashing with hooks and chain. You briefly adjust the three branches which you find nearby your shelter and lead them through the ring. In no time your self-made Tripod stands and merely waits for you to light a crackling fire underneath.
Your abilities are your most reliable tool in nature and with the Tripod Lashing Petromax provides you with the suitable equipment for fiery variety.

Do it yourself: self-built tripod
The Tripod Lashing is your cooking place for on the way and fits into one hand. With the stainless-steel disc made in Germany you built your own sturdy outdoor kitchen according to your very own requirements by combining it with three branches from the surrounding area. The branches are led through the openings and fastened by a slight twist of the disc. That way, your self-made tripod becomes truly strong and durable. Thanks to the two hooks and the chain your Dutch Oven or your Teakettle can be easily hung over the already crackling fire. There you can control the distance to the fire via the length of the chain at any given time. As a result, the freshly brewed tea or savoury stew taste even better.

Petromax Dreibein Ring d-ring mit Kette und Haken Tripod Lashing with hooks and chain Plaque d'arrimage en métal pour trépied avec crochets et chaîne

Petromax Dreibein-Ring d-ring Dreibein mit Teekessel Sicht von oben Tripod Lashing Tripod with Teakettle view from above Plaque d'arrimage en métal trépied Bouilloire vue de dessus

Tripod and tipi for the hand luggage
No matter whether you are in for a one-night bivouac or for a great hike lasting several days: you must consider carefully what equipment you take with you. Thus contemplating, the Tripod Lashing is your optimal equipment as with just about 450 g the set hardly carries weight. The appropriate support legs can be found directly at your camp site. That way you rebuilt your outdoor kitchen anew each time and remain completely independent. After food preparation you simply convert the Tripod Lashing by using longer branches and mounting your tarp around the frame: In no time your tipi stands, and night may come.
Petromax Dreibein-Ring d-ring Lagerplatz mit Dreibein Tripod Lashing camp with tripod and fire Plaque d'arrimage champ avec trépied et feu

Backpack packed and boots on, as with the Tripod Lashing you experience adventure now even more intense!

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