Petromax Poffertjes Pan: Baking Adventure in the Fire Bit by Bit

It is the weekend and you packed the equipment and the children. You are going outside into fresh air for a walk in the forest. Together you enjoy the surroundings and decide on a campsite by a beck. While you set up the outdoor kitchen the offspring quickly gathers firewood as a sweat reward is promised: golden brown and crunchy poffertjes, the Dutch mini pancakes. In next to no time the campfire is crackling and the poffertjes begin to arch from the baking molds of your Petromax Poffertjes Pan. After 30 pieces of the adventure bites, you happily look upon content faces and cannot await the following day.

Together with the family on a day trip, weekend trip, or camping holiday: With the Poffertjes Pan you prepare a bite-sized taste of adventure anywhere, which will make the appetite for more especially among the young.

Handmade poffertjes: Outdoor experience for the whole family

Poffertjes are an optimum and witty dessert that meets any taste. With the Poffertjes Pan, you can complement your savoury adventure menu or organize an afternoon grilling session to provide much fiery fun for the children. In the cast-iron special form, you bake 30 of the popular Dutch mini pancakes at once and thus receive three servings in one batch. In the process, you profit from the exceptional properties of the material, as the heat conductivity of cast iron ensures an even baking result. Thanks to the two handles you can grasp the pan well to take from the fire or set aside.

Dutch dessert: Poffertjes are made for adventure and everyday life

The Poffertjes Pan is made to be placed over the blazing flames or on your bed of embers. In addition, it improves family holidays or camping trips, because with a diameter of 30 cm it fits perfectly into the Petromax Atago, your mobile grilling, and fireplace. Or you bring the taste of adventure into your home: The bottom side of your Poffertjes Pan has been designed especially flattened. That way the pan can be easily used on a baking tray in your oven or on your stove top.

Poffertjes sweet or savoury?

With a Poffertjes Pan, a sweet dessert seems to be obvious and there is nothing like a warm and steamy pancake serving with a topping of powdered sugar. Still, you can also make a savoury variant for instance by baking cheese or bacon into the batter. Excite your family and friends at the next campfire with an inventive dish and present them with your bite-sized cooking adventure.

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