Spurs your meat – The Hanging Fire Bowl by Petromax

A strenuous ride lies behind you and the last hike drained you of strength. The sun is already low on the horizon when you stack the firewood and set up the Cooking Tripod. Now everything must be quick as the stomach is already rumbling loudly. Hence, you highly enjoy the sight of the crackling fire whipping against the bottom of the steel bowl. The rib-eye steaks already sizzle in their own juice and you can hardly wait to take a good bite of the tender meat while the first stars gleam above your heads.
Taste now the Wild West and the flavour of the endless prairie with the Petromax Hanging Fire Bowl for the Cooking Tripod.

Fire Bowl Made in Germany: Aromatic Roasting & Baking, Grilling & Cooking


Burgers, steaks or vegetables are prepared especially gentle and tasty in the Hanging Fire Bowl. Following the principle of the proven Petromax Griddle and Fire Bowl, juices from the food are also preserved in the hanging version. Thus, the meat will be roasted crispy outside and juicy inside and side dishes are simultaneously cooked on the edge of the bowl. With the different temperature zones, you easily prepare multi-course meals which not only satisfy the hunger for adventure but also for the open fire. How about a savoury dish with fried potatoes, beans and fried eggs? This is easily done, as the Hanging Fire Bowl with 56 cm in diameter provides sufficient space for every meal.


Fire Bowl on a hook – ready to use
After having ignited your fireplace and set up the Cooking Tripod, suspend the Hanging Fire Bowl via the eye rod on the hook of the Cooking Tripod and start off cooking outdoors. The steel quickly absorbs the heat from the fire to be at temperature at once. By adjusting the chain length, you can choose between gentle cooking or searing any time.


Being thus equipped and in full control of the fire you expand your outdoor kitchen by a functional cooking tool for which Buffalo Bill and Doc Hollywood would have been envious.

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