The right Dutch Oven size – your better half for a lifetime!

You are planning juicy ribs for two, hearty layered meat for the family, or a beef stew for a whole campfire gathering – soon a particular question comes up: Which size is the right one? The original Petromax Dutch Oven series offers a wide range and versatile possibilities to meet every taste. We help you to make the right choice!

The Petromax Dutch Oven ft12

Size guide for Dutch Oven beginners

For starters, we recommend the Petromax ft6 or ft9. With a bottom diameter of 9.8 in (25 cm) and a pot capacity of 5.5 l / 7.5 l, these pots offer enough cooking space to prepare yourself and your family a hearty meal over the open fire or to use it in your kitchen at home: All Petromax Dutch Ovens are also available without feet and are thus suitable for all types of stoves and for the home oven. Depending on the dish and the ingredients, 4 to 8 (ft6) and up to 14 persons (ft9) get stuffed. A thermometer hole allows you to control the temperature inside the pot. Three feet attached to the lid allow you to flip over and use it as a pan for roasting directly in the embers or on the grill.

As a basic rule, it is fine to choose a larger pot as it does not have to be filled completely. Once the whole family is in the house, you surely get them stuffed.

Pro tip: start with more simple recipes and approach with caution to more complex ones. Layered meat, stews, roulades, or a middle-sized roast are perfect beginner dishes requiring less effort. Therefore, keep it simple: prepare your meal in the Dutch Oven, the side dishes as usually in your standard cookware. This way, you keep track of it and soon you will get the hang of how to use cast-iron pots.

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For advanced outdoor chefs and groups

Enlarge your Dutch Oven equipment and start on a new fiery adventure! The large Petromax Dutch Ovens ft12 and ft18 really have proved a recipe for feeding up to 20 persons and more. The ft12 with a capacity of 10.8 l and the ft18 with 16.1 l offer cooking space for stew, gigot or roast goose. The ft4.5 with a capacity of 3.5 l and a bottom diameter of 22 cm is perfectly suitable for preparing side dishes as well as baking bread and is thus recommended for large and multi-course menus.

Pro tip: The Petromax Stack Grates gr-s and gr-s30, as well as the Cast iron trivet gr features a clever accessory and strong support when cooking outdoors. This way you can cook the meat with a safe distance to the bottom and at the same time roast side dishes. The meat gets a crispy crust for it is cooked separately from the stock.

Petromax_Profilansicht aller Feuertopfgroessen übereinander gestapelt_picture in profil of all ducth oven models stacked over
The Hobo Stove heats up the Petromax Dutch Oven ft1

The ideal Dutch Oven size for Bushcrafters

The smaller and compact versions of the Petromax Dutch Ovens ft1 and ft3 with a capacity of 0.9 l and 1.6 l are well suited to prepare single portions of a meal, though you don’t have to miss the advantages of the Petromax cast iron. Forest mushroom soup or a beef stew are energizing meals you will need on your outdoor adventure. You can use the lid of the ft3 as a pan in the embers as well and thus enjoy a juicy steak in the open and keep your way of cooking outdoors.

Pro tip: Add the Petromax Fire Kettle fk1 or fk2 to your equipment. This way, you can bring water to a boil in a resource-efficient and eco-friendly way in order to prepare strong coffee or tea. Thanks to a top part you can heat up small meals by using the hot air.

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