Breath of Flame – the Petromax Fire Blow Pipe

Firepower with each air blast – The Bouffadou by Petromax.

Sparks run through the air, the burning log starts to crackle strongly, and the deep red embers light up suddenly in bright glistening orange: With just one deep breath you collect enough air to make your embers swell into a warming campfire. By means of the Petromax Fire Blow Pipe, your breath thus becomes a condensed strike of flame. Experience now the feeling to be the undisputed lord of the flames and revive the dragon within you.

Inspired by the classic Bouffadou, the Fire Blow Pipe is suitable for everyone who likes to make a fire or cook outdoors. Made of high-grade stainless steel and natural beech wood, it is appropriate for grills, campfire kitchens, and any other kind of fireplace. Thanks to the telescopic function you can extend it to a maximum length of 38.6 in and hence, have the right distance to the flames. From such a safe distance you are protected against burns and inhalation of smoke. At the same time, the specially tuned stainless-steel nozzle effectively uses every single air blast. Therefore, you can heat up your outdoor kitchen effortlessly in no time.

Effective helper for the outdoor kitchen

The Petromax Fire Blow Pipe is the ideal companion to be optimally equipped for your outdoor adventure in nature. Pushed together for transport, it measures about 23.6 in and is easily stowed on your backpack or inside your luggage. The handle and mouthpiece are made of sturdy beechwood and furnished with the dragon logo of the traditional brand Petromax. You thus hold the Fire Blow Pipe firmly hand in any weather and blow the flames with dragon power.

Ensure the full control over the fire with the Petromax Fire Blow Pipe!

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