How does a Rocket Stove work?

The operating principle of the Rocket Stove, the mobile stove, and campfire for cooking.

With approximately 33 cm the Petromax Rocket Stove is only just as high as a customary 1.5 litre PET bottle. On that note, it is a true power package in transport format which heats up any Dutch Oven or Fire Skillet in an instant. Thanks to the chimney effect the Rocket Stove burns so efficiently that you can light a blazing fire with gathered twigs, branches, or bark. Here you can find out what it is that makes the Rocket Stove such a forceful tool, how to use it correctly, and how to maintain it.

How does the Rocket Stove work?

The functional core forms the L-shaped design of the combustion chamber. This takes care of the chimney effect all by itself from which you profit 100 %. In the process, the cold air entering the combustion chamber is heated. As this heated air now has a lower density it rises upwards automatically and emits through the vertical opening of your cooking place. Thus, negative pressure develops which automatically generates a constant air intake as well as the emission of air. For that reason, the Rocket Stove also burns effectively and hot with only little fuel. Additional oxygen is absorbed continuously into the combustion chamber via the air openings placed on the bottom outside. Meanwhile, combustion residues fall through the built-in grate into the removable ash box. This facilitates optimum oxygen supply. Hence, the Petromax Rocket Stove completely lives up to its name.

What are the advantages of a Rocket Stove?

The insulated oven casing is double-walled and makes the Petromax Rocket Stove resilient. Still, you do not need to worry as fire clay has not been used as an insulation component. The material could break during transport through terrain and the insulation effect would thus be destroyed. In addition, by this the Rocket Stove is lighter. As a result, you can readily use Petromax Dutch Ovens as well as cast- and wrought-iron pans for cooking or roasting (attention: bottom diameter of cookware minimum 12 cm). There, the cast-iron top piece provides you with an added advantage as it conducts the heat evenly to your cookware and stores it for a long time. Here you can find further information on structure and component parts.

Step by step guide for the Rocket Stove

How do I set up the Rocket Stove?

When unpacked the Petromax Rocket Stove is almost ready for use. On the inside, the insulated oven casing encloses the combustion chamber with the rising chimney. Also, the feeding door to the combustion chamber is already pre-assembled and the fuel support together with the removable ash box is situated behind it. Prior to the first use, you only once need a screwdriver to fasten the wooden handles via the hinges onto the Rocket Stove. Afterward, you can directly light a fire and start cooking.

How do I best light the Rocket Stove?

For that little is needed: First, you prepare your fuel (e.g. twigs, branches, fir cones). You then position the fuel support on the ash box and fully open the feeding door. The easiest way for you to ignite is by placing a Petromax Fire Kit inside the combustion chamber via the top opening and lighting it thereafter (alternatively you can build a pyramid fire by means of twigs). Now you only need to insert small twigs from above and then your Rocket Stove is working. From now on you just need to bank branches, twigs, or small split wood via the fuel support. By opening and closing of the feeding door, you regulate the air supply.

How do I transport the Rocket Stove?

The attached wooden handles ease transport for you. They sit comfortably in hand and enable transport from one camp to the next. With an overall weight of only 6.5 kg, this is no challenge for you, and it is even easier with the suitable Petromax Transport Bag made of robust ripstop fabric.  However, before placing the Rocket Stove inside the transport bag, please make sure to wait until it has cooled down completely after its use for adventure.

Is the Rocket Stove easy to clean?

Also, cleaning is done in an instant: Remove the ash box from your now cold Rocket Stove and empty it. Briefly empty out your Rocket Stove. In addition, you can clean the combustion chamber and chimney with a hand brush. You can wipe the corpus as well as the cast-iron top piece with a damp cloth and dry well with a dry cloth afterward. We recommend that you preserve the cast-iron top piece with Petromax Care Conditioner for Cast and Wrought Iron on a regular basis.

Conclusion: What does the Petromax Rocket Stove have to offer?

Especially in terrain, the Rocket Stove proves to be a compact cooking place ready for use in a tremendously short time. Thanks to its structure and the chimney effect it is up to speed within minutes and gets the best out of the fuel. Due to a constant air supply, it burns so effectively that almost no residues remain. In addition, the cast-iron top piece is a real trump card: It stores and conducts heat evenly and passes it on to the cookware, as is the same with the cast-iron Dutch Ovens. This way you achieve an even and energy-efficient result in cooking and roasting.

Nothing remains to be said apart from Ready, set, and fire!

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