How to use the Petromax Fire Plunger correctly

Illustrated step-by-step tutorial

Lighting a fire with the Fire Plunger

Petromax Feuer Kolben Dichtung montieren_fire plunger mounting the sealing

1. Remove the plunger tip and mount one of the gaskets. Make sure of a firm and correct fit. The gasket has to be stretched when fastened by up to 1 mm (0.04 in).

2. Lubricate the gasket with the lubricant stored in the respective container on one end of the plunger. The head of the plunger must not be lubricated. Best use the finger with which you will not touch the tinder later. Place the plunger body over the plunger and press down. If it bounces back up on its own accord the fire plunger closes airtight.

Petromax Feuer Kolben Vaseline Behälter_fire plunger lubricant containerPetromax Feuer Kolben Vaseline auftragen_fire plunger putting on the lubricant
Petromax Feuer Kolben geöffneter Behälter für Zunder_fire plunger container for tinder openedPetromax Feuer Kolben Zunder einsetzen_fire plunger placing the tinder

3. Take a small (pea-size) piece of tinder from the container and place it inside the lighting cavity. The tinder must fit securely into place and may not protrude.

4. Place the plunger upright onto a stable mounting surface and press the plunger body downwards. Then directly remove it straight upwards once again.

Petromax Feuer Kolben Kolbenhülse aufgesteckt und vorbereitet für Zündvorgang_fire plunger put together and ready to use
Petromax Feuer Kolben Glut übertragen_fire plunger tranfering the tinder

5. Transfer the embers onto a previously prepared ball of tinder and thus light your fireplace.

Petromax Feuer Kolben Glutnest anblasen_fire plunger blowing on the ball of tinder
Petromax Feuer Kolben entfachtes Glutnest_fire plunger blowing ignited ball of tinder

Alternativ ignition option: the flint stone

1. Remove the container from the plunger and take out the firesteel.

Petromax Feuer Kolben Stab-Feuerstein entnehmen_fire plunger take out the flint stone
Petromax Feuer Kolben Stab-Feuerstein und Messer_fire plunger flint stone and knife

2. Prepare a tinder cluster and hold the firesteel firmly on one end between thumb and index finger.

3. Position the knife blade in an acute angle so that the blade points towards your body. (Caution! During repetitive positioning of the knife blade take care of your hand as well as your fingers. Risk of injury!)

4. Perform a quick, stripping hand movement forward with the knife and simultaneously put pressure on the firesteel. Hold the firesteel as close to the tinder cluster as possible.

Petromax Feuer Kolben Stab-Feuerstein Funken mit Messer_fire plunger flint stone making sparkes with knife

5. With the thus ignited tinder cluster you can light your fireplace.

Petromax Feuer Kolben entzündetes Glutnest in Feuerbox fb1_fire plunger ignited ball of tinder in Fire Box fb1


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