Keep a cool head during fiery cooking adventures – The Petromax Cool Box

Absolute independence: It is night-time, the anchor is pulled and your equipment is already at the camp. As your houseboat is moored, you take the opportunity to set up your campfire kitchen and spark off the fire. Get your catch of the day from the Petromax Cool Box: Freshly caught fish which you put on ice in the morning. The fish goes directly onto the fire and becomes a strengthening meal for the whole pack. The supply over the following days is guaranteed as well because the food is well stored in your ultra-passive Petromax Cool Box – Let’s drink to it with an ice-cold glass!

Enjoy nature to the full with the dragon-power of the kx series cool boxes.

With the Petromax Cool Boxes, you go without electricity but not without independence

With the Petromax Cool Boxes kx25 and kx50, you can sit back and relax and extend your nature trip. The in-house developed ultra-passive cooling system is of extremely high performance. The double-walled and void-insulated cool boxes show off a cooling time of ice up to 12 days – completely independent of external energy sources! Commercially available ice, cold packs, or dry ice enable of your food and beverages to be cooled for several days. You can choose between kx25 and kx50, with either 25 l or 50 l capacity, offering enough reserve for a long-lasting adventure experience. Large benefit: The height inside is designed in a way that either 70 x 0.33 l cans or optionally up to 20 x 1 l bottles of water can be transported in an upright position.

Constructed to support you outdoors

Petromax kx25 kx50 Kuehlbox Cool Box Glacière passive

The insulation layer of at least 1.7 inches guarantees a very long temperature resistance. The temperature inside remains constant for a long period of time, so you can settle down in the woods or at the water’s edge. The block-shaping makes the Petromax Cool Box well stackable and easily stowable within the load compartment. If you want to sit and relax while waiting for the fish to bite: The robust PE corpus of the kx25 and kx50 is designed to use it as a raised stand or comfy seat. The integrated outlet system enables you to drain the melting water and easily clean the Cool Box. Thus, you can refill ice at any time and clean the inside after your adventure.

On and around the water – features suitable for adventures

The Petromax Cool Boxes kx25 and kx50 are true cooling power packs and offer a variety of useful features:

Provided belt guides on the lid guarantee the crosswise fastening in order to secure them on the boat or on the pick-up truck. Two lateral and ergonomic handles facilitate the transport of a filled box and serve at the same time as lashing points. The kx25 and kx50 can thus be simply opened even in a secured loading position. The flexible rubber fasteners guarantee a tight hold during wetness and are one-hand operable. The content can be additionally secured from unauthorized access and wild animals via the reinforced latch plates with U-lock. Four rubber feet provide stability of the Petromax Cool Boxes even on smooth ground and ensure circulation of air from the bottom.

How do I use my Petromax Cool Box correctly?

In order to achieve an optimal cooling, you should follow the instructions below:

  • Prior to use cool down the Cool Box the day before in a cold room or with ice
  • Only stock with pre-cooled beverages or food
  • Use large and connected ice blocks to extend the cooling time
  • Put the ice on top – coolness sinks downwards
  • Open the Cool Box consciously and as sparingly as possible
  • Store the box in a cool and shaded place
  • Always keep the Cool Box upright during transport or storage

Ice-can and ice-bottle ratio


  • 24 x 0,33 litre cans at 13.2 lbs ice
  • 12 x 1 litre bottles at approx. 6.6 lbs – 8.8 lbs ice


  • 70 x 0,33 litre cans at approx. 9 lbs – 11 lbs ice
  • 20 x 1 litre bottles at approx. 22 lbs



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