Unleash Dragon Fire on the Touch of a Button – The Petromax Gas Table

    Outdoor cooking is in your blood, but open fire is prohibited on your favourite campsite? The Petromax Gas Table provides remedy and you give signal to start: Some pressure, a turn, a low clicking – and immediately a fierce hissing sounds and mixes into the background. Ignition of your gas cooker is done! The scorching hot burners form a true ring of fire and the cooking power of 5 kW can freely radiated onto your ft9, full to the brim. Soon the aroma of softly braised meat spreads over the entire campsite. This is a true open-air event with alternative fire, as the Petromax Gas Table guarantees the full roasting aroma at places where you cannot use a campfire or embers.
    Light your outdoor kitchen now with the Petromax Gas Tables – wherever and whenever you like!

    Hot: Pure flame power in gas cooker with 5 kW power

    Gastisch ge45-s_Gas Table ge45-s

    Inside the concealed burner unit of the in-house designed Petromax Gas Table the power of fire is bundled and released with approximately 5 kW. Thus, your cookware made of cast iron, enamel and wrought iron will immediately reach the right temperature for your food preparation under the open sky. With the ge45-s and the ge90-s you can choose between two power packages of gas cookers which will provide you with peak power of up to 10 kW each with one or two burners, respectively. The circular shaped burners promote optimum heat distribution and storage when using cast iron. On top of the separately detachable support for cookware all Dutch Ovens from size ft3 as well as all Petromax Skillets stand stable and tilt-proof.

    Safely into the next cooking adventure: The Petromax Gas Table

    Smoke and spark-free the Gas Table of the German traditional brand Petromax offers you an independent outdoor experience. The reliable ignition mechanism of the combined operating device protects you in the process. By pressing and turning of the button the gas supply to the burner is opened. Simultaneously, the integrated piezo igniter provides the essential spark to light the flame. Depending on the necessary temperature you can subsequently adjust the heat continuously. The automatic flame monitor provides you with additional safety: It intervenes on its own accord and immediately interrupts the gas supply in case the flame is extinct by accident. Combined with the supplied 50 mb pressure regulator that keeps the gas pressure on a constant level by means of membrane control, an even flame is guaranteed during operating time. The gas cooker by Petromax is plugged to and operates with commercially available propane cylinders. Thus, all paths and places are open to you to fully heat up your Dutch Oven at any given time.

    Gastisch ge45-s_Gas Table ge45-s

    Your large gas cooker also on the way

    Gastisch ge90-s_Gas Table ge90-s

    None of your meals will be missed out with the Petromax Gas Table, no matter where the urge for steaming stew or roasted meat overcomes you. The robust table build with cooking device easily holds large and heavy pots and, thus, strongly supports you with a maximum load capacity of 80 kg (ge45-s) or 100 kg (ge90-s). Yet the Gas Table continues to be mobile: The frame structure picks up the concept of the Petromax Dutch Oven Tables and allows for quick mounting and dismounting by simply removing the support legs. Therefore, the Gas Table is brought to a compact packing size in no time for the next campsite adventure. The comfortable work height of 87 cm, the all-round placed brackets for your cooking tools as well as the detachable windbreak not only offer you maximum comfort, but also safe your strength and valuable fuel. In two working sizes of 45 x 45 cm and 45 x 90 cm the small as well as the large version of the Petromax Gas Table provide you with concentrated and efficient cooking power anywhere where open fire is not possible but roasting flavour indispensable.
    Home adventurer or nature boy, garden barbecue chef or camper king: Make your iron now glow unrestrained with the Petromax Gas Table!

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