Petromax Fire Blow Pipe

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Condensed fire power in convenient length

The Petromax Fire Blow Pipe allows you to spark embers or fireplaces exactly where you need them. The classic Bouffadou consists of sturdy stainless-steel. Thanks to the telescopic function, it can be extended to a maximum operating length of 38.6 in. With a packing size of 23.6 in you can transport the Petromax Fire Blow Pipe well inside your backpack after your adventure. The special stainless-steel nozzle ensures you a pinpoint and breath-saving blowing of your fireplace during use.

Strong as a dragon and functional

The Petromax Fire Blow Pipe is equipped with a handle and a mouthpiece made of natural beech wood. Furthermore, it has been branded with the dragon logo of the German traditional brand and thus possesses a strong look. The Fire Blow Pipe has a good and secure touch. Thanks to the telescopic function, you avoid burns during blowing of the fire as well as inhalation of smoke.

Technical Data
Transport length: 23.6 in
Operating length (max.): 38.6 in
Material: stainless-steel, beech wood
Weight w/o packaging: 0.83 lb
Weight with packaging: 0.9 lb

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